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Robustness Testing
White Paper

Attention Algorithmic Traders!

Are you tired of seeing your trading systems underperform in live markets? Are you looking for ways to improve the robustness of your systems and avoid over-fitting?

Our free whitepaper, "How To Avoid Overfitting," is just what you need. Our guide will explain:

  • What over-fitting is
  • How over-fitting ruins your systems
  • Techniques to avoid overfitting, including:
    • Hold out data
    • Robustness of parameter values
    • Walk forward optimization
    • Monte Carlo permutation analysis
    • Market stability checks
  • Statistical evidence that robustness tests improve system outcomes

Receive your free copy of our whitepaper and take the first step towards improving the performance of your trading systems.

Download TipToeHippo White Paper on Robustness Testing on
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Interview with Dr Ernest P Chan

Dr Ernest Chan is a legend of algorithmic trading. A physics graduate he has worked for Morgan Stanley & Credit Swisse before venturing out as an independent fund operator.

A legend of the algorithmic trading world, Ernie has written a series of books about how to successfully write algorithmic systems.

In this interview TipToeHippo's Norm was invited by FX Broker Global Prime to join Ernie to discuss systematic trading.
White Paper
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