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Behind The Hippo 
Our experience in the industry

The Team

TipToeHippo is a collective of three individuals with diverse skills who combine together to achieve more than each of us could alone.

Applying rigorous mathematical and statistical methods we create automated financial market trading algorithms.

We are motivated by our joint passion for algorithmic trading.


norman website headshot.png

The elder statesman of the group who has extensive experience in both the retail and investment areas of algorithmic trading.


Norm brings considerable insight and acuity into our strategy development process.

Using wisdom gained from over a decade of trading, Norm charts TipToeHippo's direction.



An embodiment of the famous 'Turtle Trading' experiment. After seeking trading knowledge from Norm when he was 16. 


Dylan now has more algorithmic trading knowledge than many people twice his age.

Combining his study of a computer science degree with youthful exuberance for new ideas and alternative methods, Dylan is a key driver of innovation for the team.



Talking to computers and instructing them on what to do is Grant's speciality.

A computer coder with over a decade's experience in the banking and finance industry, when he demands a computer does something- it does!



Gazza thinks to the beat of his own drum, literally. 

A drumming master by day, but a maths nerd at night Gaz lives and breaths patterns. Self taught, but exceptionally knowledgable on statistical and mathematical concepts his ideas break new ground in trading possibilities.

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