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The journey from manual trading to Strategy Quant SQX portfolio creators


Hello! I'm a seasoned trading professional with over 15 years of experience in the markets. I began my journey in trading in 2005, with an educational background in Economics and Statistics from the University of Queensland, which I earned in 2001. My understanding of economic trends and data analysis set a strong foundation for my trading career.

Since 2011, I've been a managed fund trader, navigating the complexities of the markets and delivering value to investors. In 2014, I incorporated Strategy Quant into my toolkit and have been using this powerful software to its full potential ever since.

In 2020, I co-founded TipToeHippo, with a mission to empower traders with knowledge and practical skills in algorithmic trading and strategy data mining. My aim is to demystify algorithmic trading, particularly for those who may not have programming skills, by providing comprehensive education and support.

Today, I'm proud to be fostering a community of traders at all levels and helping them chart their path to success.

If you're curious about algorithmic trading or seeking to enhance your trading strategies, feel free to join our Discord. I'm always keen to engage in enriching discussions about the financial markets and fintech industry.





Hello! I'm an ambitious Software Engineering student with a keen interest in the financial markets. Although my journey in trading started with traditional manual methods, I quickly realized the potential of algorithmic trading and its transformative impact on financial decision-making.

Driven by my passion for both software and trading, I teamed up with Norm to leverage the power of Strategy Quant (SQX). This collaboration allowed me to bridge the gap between my academic knowledge and real-world application, enhancing my understanding of trading strategies and financial models.

Currently, I am putting my technical skills to use at TipToeHippo, where I am actively involved in providing education in algorithmic trading and strategy data mining. I am particularly passionate about making these complex concepts accessible to those without a programming background, by simplifying and breaking down advanced methodologies into easy-to-understand modules.

If you are interested in algorithmic trading or wish to discuss the evolving landscape of fintech, feel free to join our Discord. I'm always eager to engage in enlightening discussions that meld technology and finance.


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